Workshop Flowforms

In July, Ernst gives two consecutive workshops in Eindhoven.
Beginner July 24-25.
Advanced July 27-29.
The workshops are in the Kruisruimte, Generaal Bothastraat 7E, 5642NJ Eindhoven.
Workshop beginner has 3 half-days with lunch on Saturday. Relaxed sculpting with clay and water. All forms are round here: Becoming familiar with the 3 dimensions and their mutual tensions. It is the technical and artistic application of forms that make the water dance rhythmically in a surprising way. We want to follow the water flow carefully, because it shows you how your work develops in the workshop. Finally your work will succeed. Ernst provides professional advice and assistance.




Beginners start on Friday from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm and Saturday we work from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Lunch during the lunch break. Costs for Friday + Saturday are € 145, - This includes coffee and tea and an extensive lunch on Saturday
The progress is Monday through Wednesday. From 10 am to 4 pm. We choose meals together. Costs for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are € 255. Beginners from July 24 to 25, 2020 pay for advanced only € 175.
Payment on NL76INGB 0001 0423 72 t.v. E J Cats.
If you want to be sure of your place, you can make a reservation with a deposit of € 50. Cancellation costs up to 4 weeks for workshop € 25.

You can register with all requested information on the website in the menu: "Aplication". See the top of the bar. So not at the bottom of "Comments". You can also register by telephone: 06 50 49 46 14. After payment you are finally registered.

Spend the night.

You can arrange sleeping accommodation yourself. You can also spend the night in the Kruisruimte. There are beds for 2 participants, bathroom and kitchen. You can spend the night outside the Kruisruimte in your own Camper on a closed site. Sanitary & kitchen available. Call or email me for permission.

What do I do in the workshops and what is the result?

Flowforms are scales in which flowing water fluctuates back and forth in a swinging way. The water flows out over the dish and also makes a double swirling movement across this flow. An ebb and flow rhythm arises with swirls turning left and right. This gives you a joyful feeling when you see and hear that the water is dancing and is thus completely in its own element.
In this workshop we make a model of modeling clay. Through flowing water we learn to discover how the rhythmic movements can arise. We look together and try to make it as attractive as possible. With modeling clay you build a simple model yourself based on the principles indicated by Ernst. With the test flows of the model you see how the forms influence the development of the rhythmic and swirling water movement. Afterwards you have a flowform in wet clay. You can take this with you. But you can also have it made sustainable by Ernst. He will dry the models, prepare ceramic, firing and glazing. This costs € 50 per model. A few weeks later these are ready and you can pick it up.

Extra order

You want your sustainably made model to flow at home. You do not have to install the flowform yourself. With an extra order you can have your flowform flow directly at home. (Homeflow. Film on website) Your flowform is placed on a large ceramic dish together with a special holder. A water supply with pump and soundproofing facilities are also available. Prices will be announced at the workshop.